Strahlende Familie Hände

Happy old couple taking selfie on cellphone, focus on display
fizkes -

Windkraftanlage Entlebuch / Bern / Schweiz / Windpark
felix_brönnimann -

stained glass window in church
slavcho -

young men and women standing and stacking hands in a meeting on natural ground background at outdoor outing.
Victorflowerfly -

Young man and his groupmates taking part in discussion of topic of business training and making notes
Seventyfour -

lächelnde frau arbeitet im team in einem workshop
contrastwerkstatt -

Aerial. People crowd motion on pedestrian crosswalk. Top view from drone.
Dmytro -

junge frau ernährt sich gesund
contrastwerkstatt -

Graffiti art on wall in graffiti design district Wynwood
Mariakray -